Release the skunk from the trap

Whatever kind of animal you were trying to trap when you caught the skunk, relocating it will not solve your problem and is not a humane solution. Relocated animals don’t tend to survive, and orphaned babies often get left behind. Please have a look around our website—We have a lot of great tips on coexisting with wild animals, and advice on how to get them to move along if you want them gone.

How to let a skunk out of a live trap

The first thing to do is to let the skunk out of the trap.  It is actually quite rare to get sprayed while releasing a healthy skunk from a trap if it’s done properly.  Follow these guidelines:

  • Approach the trap slowly, holding a plastic sheet (like a garbage bag torn open, or a tarp) in front of you.
  • Skunks have poor vision. Talk to the skunk quietly to let it know you’re coming.
  • If the skunk stamps its feet or lifts its tail, stop moving. Once the skunk has stopped this defensive posturing, continue approaching the trap slowly.
  • When you get close enough, calmly drape the plastic sheet or blanket over the trap. If the skunk does get startled and spray, this will absorb a lot of the odour. It will also act as a visual barrier, making the skunk less likely to spray.
  • Stand beside the trap, lift open the door, and hold it open until the skunk makes its way out. You can also wire the trap door open using zip-ties or prop it open and monitor from a distance. The skunk may take a while to come out of the trap, especially if it senses a human is nearby.