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What We Do

Toronto Wildlife Centre is here for you. Learn about the programs we offer and how you can join us in building a healthy community for people and wildlife!

Wildlife Hotline

Toronto Wildlife Centre’s Wildlife Hotline is the busiest service of its kind in Canada. Staff handle approximately 30,000 calls per year, advising the community about a huge diversity of wildlife situations—from medical emergencies to wildlife conflicts to natural history. Learn more about the Wildlife Hotline

Wildlife Rescue

Climbing trees, wading into rivers, and crawling over ice—Toronto Wildlife Centre’s rescue team carries out challenging, life-saving wildlife rescues every day of the year. Learn more about Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Hospital

Providing medical care for wildlife requires skill and innovation: repairing a crushed turtle shell, diagnosing lead poisoning in a loon and stitching a fox’s wounds is just a day in the life of Toronto Wildlife Centre’s expert veterinary team. Learn more about the Wildlife Hospital

Wildlife Rehabilitation

From admission to release, Toronto Wildlife Centre’s skilled wildlife rehabilitation staff provide supportive care to thousands of animals a year representing over 270 different species, including many listed as species-at-risk. Learn more about Wildlife Rehabilitation

Education and Outreach

Toronto Wildlife Centre’s education program promotes healthy human-wildlife relationships through informational websites, media campaigns, presentations and workshops in schools and at local events, and through development of training tools and programs for educators. Learn more about Education and Outreach