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Wish List

Donations of supplies and services help Toronto Wildlife Centre help more patients by keeping costs low. Here’s a list of items we need at the centre right now. If you have something you think would help but don’t see it here, send us an email or call us at 416-631-0662 x3207.

All items can be dropped off between 9am and 6pm, 7 days per week* at:

60 Carl Hall Road, Unit 4
Toronto, Ontario
M3K 2C1

*Holiday hours: 9am to 4pm Dec 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st and 1st.

Sorry—Toronto Wildlife Centre cannot offer pick-up services for any items donated.

Toronto Wildlife Centre cannot accept donations of fur coats.

We’re on Amazon!

See Toronto Wildlife Centre’s wish list on Amazon.

HPAI Supplies

  • Coveralls (Gostwear) – 15 x-small, 15 small, 15 medium, 10 large, and 10 x-large sizes
  • Rubber boots and galoshes (Amazon)
  • Canopia by Palram 45-in x 19.75-in Steel Work Bench (Lowe’s)

Household and Kitchen Items

  • High-capacity batteries, all sizes – New
  • Kitchen shears (Amazon)
  • Cardboard boxes: For animal transport (sturdy, and at least 1 ft x 1ft x 1ft) New or Used
  • Blender, ideally 1000+ Watts (for grinding pelleted food for baby waterfowl and shorebirds, and for making slurries to feed debilitated patients) – New or used
  • Tabletop scales that resolve to 0.1gram with a maximum weight of at least 500 grams – New or used (Amazon)
  • Digital Weight Scale (Amazon)
  • Large capacity scale (Amazon)
  • Coffee Grinder (Amazon)
  • Lithium AA Energizer batteries
  • Refrigerator for animal kitchen

Cleaning Supplies

  • Garbage bags (LARGE SIZE ONLY PLEASE: 30″ x 50″ clear or 26″ x 32.5″ black)
  • Paper towels
  • Bleach
  • Disposable masks
  • Disposable gloves (powder-free latex or vinyl)
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Hand sanitizer (unscented)
  • Unscented, bleach-free, high-efficiency laundry detergent
  • Large professional grade mop heads
  • Dust mops
  • Dish scrub sponges
  • Fragrance free liquid hand soap

Medical Supplies

  • Disposable surgical facemasks (ASTM LVL 3 only)
  • Disposable surgical gloves: All sizes, powder free, latex or latex-free (Amazon)
  • Bags of IV fluids: Unused/not expired
  • Cover slips (Amazon)
  • Needles: 25G-18G (no vacutainer needles) – New
  • Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing (Amazon)
  • Syringes in sterile packaging (not expired, 1ml – 60 ml) – New
  • IV line warmer – New
  • Fluid bag warmer – New (McCarthy & Sons item #907545)
  • Pediatric Stethoscope
  • Transparent Dressings 4″ x 4 3/4″ (Amazon)
  • Hydrocolloid bandages (Amazon)
  • Thermoplastic (surgical purposes) (Ardawigs)

We are unable to accept medical supplies at the door. If you have medical supplies to donate, please contact us by phone at 416-631-0662 x3207 or by email. Our donations staff will determine if we can accept the items and arrange a time when they can be received at our centre. Thank you!

Animal Care Supplies

Food and Nutrition

  • Walnuts (unsalted, natural, in the shell) (John Vince Foods)
  • Almonds (unsalted, natural, in the shell) (Amazon)
  • Pedialyte (unflavoured) (Amazon)
  • Ensure (vanilla or strawberry flavoured) (Amazon)

Please no peanuts or black-oiled sunflower seeds!

Food is one of Toronto Wildlife Centre’s biggest expenses! If you have any contacts that might be able to donate groceries to our patients, please contact us by phone at 416-631-0662 x3207 or by email.

Rescue Team Equipment

  • Neoprene chest waders (size 9 or 10) (Canadian Tire)
  • ASAP® LOCK Mobile fall arrester with locking function (Petzl)
  • Static Rescue Rope (11mm, 150 ft+) (Cascade Rescue)

Please contact TWC’s donation department at (416) 631-0662 x 3207 for more details about these items.

Machinery, Tools and Building Supplies

  • Clothes dryer (New or used, in working condition)
  • Spade shovels
  • Aluminum ladder (10-12 ft)
  • Outdoor propane heater (20,000 – 40,000 BTU’s)
  • Milwaukee Lithium battery pack M18 (Home Depot)
  • Gas powered chainsaw – New or used
  • Heavy duty pruning shears – New or used
  • ATV with plow and trailer – New or used
  • Electric golf cart – New or used (For transporting food loads to large outdoor enclosures)
  • Snowblower (2 stage) – New or used
  • Outdoor garden cart – New
  • Children’s wagons (preferable with large wheels) – New or used
  • Pick Axe – New or used
  • Bobcat for spreading/packing
  • Wheelbarrow – New or used
  • Milwaukee battery operated reciprocating saw (M18 18V Li-Ion Sawzall w/5.0Ah battery)
  • Milwaukee battery operated Circular Saw (M18 Li-Ion 6-1/2inch w/XC 5.0Ah battery)
  • Industrial shelving (Canadian Tire)
  • Solar Power Generators – various sizes. Please contact TWC’s donation department at (416) 631-0662 x 3207 for more details about these items

Office Supplies

  • New or slightly used laptops: min 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro or higher (to use in domain environment)
  • Dry erase markers (Amazon)
  • Multi-use paper: 8 1/2 by 11 letter (Amazon)
  • Postage stamps
  • Various sizes of clear bins with lids (ONLY WITH LIDS)
  • Foldable laptop stand (Amazon)
  • Monitor riser (Amazon)

Ink/toner cartridges:

  • HP 63XL Black High Yield Original Ink Cartridge (F6U64AN) (Staples)
  • HP 63 Black & Tri-Colour Original Ink Cartridges, 2 Pack (L0R46AN) (Staples)
  • HP 934XL Black High Yield & 935 Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Original Ink Cartridges, 4 Pack (N9H66FN) (Staples)
  • HP 926XL Black ink (Amazon)
  • HP 926 Tri-colour ink (Amazon)
  • Brother TN431 Standard-Yield Black, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan Toner Cartridge (Staples)

Services Needed

  • Driveway repair service
  • Snow plowing service
  • Plumbing service
  • Painting service
  • Electrical service
  • Carpentry service

Please contact us by phone at (416) 631-0662 x 3207 or by email to learn more about service donations.

Gift Cards

Education and Outreach Supplies

  • Portable voice amplifier with headset (for outdoor education)
  • Display cases (Amazon)
  • Polymer Clay (brown or black)
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Wildlife magazines featuring good photos
  • Children’s scissors, markers, construction paper, and other craft supplies
  • Native wildflower seeds