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Community Service


Students completing their 40-hour community service requirements at Toronto Wildlife Centre will be working as General Support Volunteers. With approximately 5000 wild animals arriving at the centre each year, maintaining the hospital and rehabilitation facilities is an ongoing necessity. By helping with these tasks, General Support Volunteers play an essential role in keeping Toronto Wildlife Centre running.

What you’ll do

  • Help to maintain the cleanliness of the wildlife kitchen and hallways
  • Help to maintain the cleanliness of the wildlife hospital and rehabilitation rooms
  • Wash sheets, blankets and bedding used by patients
  • Fold and organize clean laundry
  • Ensure that appropriate caging and supplies are ready for incoming wild patients


  • 15 years of age or older
  • Interest in and respect for the unique needs of wild animals
  • Up-to-date tetanus vaccination


Volunteers are trained by General Support Staff and supervised by Wildlife Care and General Support staff and experienced volunteers.

Time Commitment

General Support volunteers have more flexibility in shift times than other Toronto Wildlife Centre Volunteers. This makes the position ideal for those whose schedules can’t accommodate a regular weekly shift, or who are able to volunteer for different amounts of time each week to earn their 40 hours.