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Wildlife Rescue

A hawk tangled in kite string 30 feet up a tree, a raccoon with a jar stuck on its head, a baby squirrel trapped inside a wall…

Out on the frontlines, the wildlife rescue team deals with the difficult and often dangerous wildlife situations that can’t be handled by members of the public. Toronto Wildlife Centre is the only wildlife centre in Ontario with a rescue program, and currently consists of 3 expert staff members and two rescue vehicles.

Rescue staff members are trained or certified in ice rescue, swift water rescue, slope evacuation, and chemical immobilization. And of course, Toronto Wildlife Centre rescue staff has extensive experience working hands on with wildlife.

A very big thank you to Mazda for generously donating a much-needed second vehicle to the rescue program. Now the team really can be in two places at once!

Andrew stands beside new rescue car.

Program funding

Full program sponsorship of this unique and highly visible service is currently available. For information on support or sponsorship of Toronto Wildlife Centre programs, please Contact Us.