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Do you have a passion to help sick, injured and orphaned wild

animals? Apply for these exciting opportunities that offer an

immersive look into the world of wildlife care.

Watch the video below to find out more!

Volunteer Wildlife Internships


A wildlife rehabilitation internship can open many doors! Whether you are hoping to work in the field of conservation, biology, or in veterinary medicine, this internship will provide excellent hands-on experience. Work with wildlife is a great asset on any resume and is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Wildlife interns are immersed in all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation. This unique opportunity is incredibly rewarding but can be physically and emotionally demanding. Days are filled working on your feet, with lots of walking, bending and lifting, all while caring for injured and orphaned animals. The internship includes working on some evenings, weekends, and holidays so that we can provide the best care possible for our wild patients.

Nursery care:
Play a vital role in raising our orphaned wildlife! As a Nursery Care Intern, you will help provide critical nutritional support, proper housing, and behavioural enrichment to prepare these young individuals for a life in the wild. Species you may work with include baby squirrels, chipmunks, opossums and Eastern cottontail rabbits. Interns who have been vaccinated against rabies will have the opportunity to work with baby raccoons and skunks as well!

Avian care:
Interested in hands-on experience with birds? Avian Care Interns work with the migratory songbirds that come into care during their journey to their breeding grounds. You will also get hands-on experience raising orphaned Mallards, Wood ducks, Canada geese and more as they grow up into healthy young birds. You will be working closely with our advanced care team members to provide these birds with the critical care they need while being treated for a variety of injuries.

General Wildlife Care:
This position is for people who can’t get enough of wildlife and want to experience all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation! Wildlife Care Interns help in countless ways – from assisting our adult animal care team members, which includes caring for reptile patients, to filling in and helping with nursery and avian care. This could be a great role for people with an interest in wildlife rehabilitation as a career path.

Wildlife Chef:
With over 270 different species admitted to TWC, there is a wide variety of diets that need to be prepared each day. Proper nutrition is an important part of the recovery and well-being of our wild patients. As a Wildlife Chef Intern, you will be responsible for preparing nutritious meals and slurries based on the natural history of each species.


Location: Opportunities available at both Downsview Park and Rouge Park

Internship sessions: May – August 2024 or July – October 2024

Full-time is a minimum of 600 hours over 4 months (40 hours/week). Some Part-time positions are available at a minimum of 300 hours over 4 months (20-30 hours/week). Preference will be given to those who can make a full-time commitment and will be offered additional learning opportunities. Hours can be flexible to accommodate school or work.


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Current tetanus vaccine (within the last 10 years)
  • Rabies immunization is an asset and required to work with rabies vector species
  • For Internships at our Rouge Park location, you must be able to drive/be driven as this site is NOT transit accessible.

Please note that the internships are unpaid positions. TWC is committed to providing training and hands-on experience for all of our interns so that you will gain skills and knowledge during your internship.


  • Ensure a positive, professional, and safe working environment at all times; with a focus on both human and animal safety
  • Engaging in learning opportunities provided
  • Assist medical staff as they administer treatments (role dependent)
  • Update patient records (role dependent)
  • Assist with training and providing some direction to new volunteers and interns


  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively within a team
  • Motivated self-starter, with ability to prioritize
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing and dynamic work environment
  • Must be comfortable working long hours with a demanding workload
  • Strong work ethic and desire to learn
  • Excellent communication skills; must be proficient in verbal and written English

To apply: Please submit an online application HERE. You will need to submit a resume, cover letter, and references upon request. Due to the anticipated volume of applications, only those we wish to consider for an interview will be contacted.

DEADLINE: Applications for the May-August season is now closed. We will be accepting applications for the July to October season until June 1st, 2024

Volunteer Wildlife Rescue Intern

***Applications have closed***


Location: Downsview Park (Toronto), will be primarily working in the field,
in the community and on the road throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Commitment: 4 months (May-August; two to four 10+ hour days per week)

Reports to: Wildlife Rescue Manager

Start Date: Early May 2024

Position Summary:

If you are adventurous, enjoy new and exciting challenges every day, and are looking for direct experience in the field working with a diverse range of wildlife – this is the role you have been waiting for! Out on the frontlines, the Wildlife Rescue Team deals with the difficult and often dangerous wildlife situations that can’t be handled by members of the public. Toronto Wildlife
Centre is the only wildlife centre in Ontario with a rescue program. And of course, Toronto Wildlife Centre Rescue staff have extensive experience working hands on with wildlife. Along with carrying out rescues, the Wildlife Rescue Team is also responsible for releasing patients once they have been successfully rehabilitated.


  • Provide a positive, professional, and safe working environment at all times
  • Assist with challenging or complex rescues
  • Assess situations in the field for logistics and safety (wildlife and humans)
  • Document all appropriate information on situations
  • Assist with the transportation of patients between TWC’s Downsview and Rouge Park locations
  • Assist with the release of patients post rehabilitation
  • Act as a TWC and wildlife ambassador when in the field
  • Assist with photo and video documentation of rescues and releases
  • Assist with maintenance and repair of rescue equipment

Internship Qualifications:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Must be rabies vaccinated and have proof of current titre at a protective level PRIOR to commencing position.
  • Must be tetanus vaccinated (within the last 10 years)
  • Must have valid drivers license (Ontario G license or equivalent)
  • Flexible availability: must be able to work long shifts, rotating weekends and some evenings (between 2 to 4 days per week – shifts are a minimum of 10 hours).


  • Extensive experience handling and working with wildlife
  • Experience dismantling and reconstructing structures that wildlife may have become caught / trapped in e.g. fireplaces or exhaust fans, ideal but not required
  • Experience using hand and power tools preferred


  • Must possess exceptional problem solving, time management and multi-tasking skills in both average and stressful conditions, with excellent attention to details
  • Comfortable working in all weather conditions
  • Comfortable with heights, tight spaces, water, ladder use
  • Ability to maintain focus on task among crowds
  • Understanding of basic mechanical principles
  • Must be in good physical health e.g. able to lift a minimum of 40 pounds and perform other strenuous activities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal), and able to work cooperatively with co-workers, volunteers, members of the public and other organizations
  • Strong knowledge of the natural history and behaviour of wildlife in Southern Ontario and comfortable working with all species

To apply: Please submit an online application on Volunteer Impact. You will need to submit a resume, cover letter and a minimum of 2 professional letters of reference (current TWC Volunteers will only need to submit a minimum of 1 reference letter). Due to the anticipated volume of applications, only those we wish to consider for an interview will be contacted.



Veterinary Internship (2024-2025)

***Applications have closed***


Work Status: 1 year contract

Location: Toronto Wildlife Centre – Downsview Park (4-60 Carl Hall Rd., Toronto) with plans to move within the year to the Rouge Park (6461 Steeles Ave. E., Toronto)

Reports to:  Toronto Wildlife Centre Head Veterinarian

Salary: $38,000 per annum

Position Summary:

This one-year veterinary internship, commencing July 2nd, 2024, provides exposure and training in the different aspects of wildlife medicine in a large urban rehabilitation centre.

Under the direction of TWC Staff Veterinarians, the intern will participate in all aspects of wildlife medicine. This program also provides a unique opportunity to conduct a small clinical research project or a retrospective investigation pertaining to Canadian wildlife species.


Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) is a registered charity that provides medical care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife. TWC is the busiest wildlife centre in Canada, admitting over 6,000 patients annually, with more than 270 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians represented. TWC’s veterinary team consists of one full-time and three part-time wildlife veterinarians, volunteer veterinary specialists, and four registered veterinary technicians who work closely with the rehabilitation, rescue and release departments to provide care to the animals at the centre. The veterinary hospital includes digital radiography, an in-house laboratory, an intensive care unit and a full surgical suite. Animals are treated at our primary location, and rehabilitation for some animals continues at the Rouge Park property in large outdoor enclosures.


  • The intern will be incorporated into daily general medicine and surgery, anesthesia, emergency care, preventive health programs, nutrition, and pathology.
  • As the internship progresses, the intern will increasingly be given primary case responsibilities.
  • The intern will actively participate in veterinary rounds and other learning opportunities (e.g., journal club).
  • The intern will participate in off-site large animal rescues (e.g. deer) on rare occasions.
  • The intern will communicate with staff and volunteers.
  • The intern will assist in the training of senior veterinary students.
  • The intern will be given the required time to conduct a research project and produce at least one manuscript that could be submitted to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Position Requirements:

  • Must possess a DVM (or equivalent) degree.
  • Must have passed the NAVLE and be eligible for a General License to practice veterinary medicine in the Province of Ontario.
  • Must have a minimum of one year of post-graduate clinical experience (internship or clinical practice)
  • Must possess a full Class “G” driver’s license along with a good driving record.
  • Access to a vehicle is essential as the Rouge Park location is NOT accessible by public transit.
  • Must demonstrate interest in wildlife medicine; previous wildlife experience is desirable.


  • Must possess strong written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills.
  • Must be able to work with minimum supervision.
  • Must be able to work closely as part of a team (in cooperation with animal care and other staff)
  • Must be able to make effective animal healthcare decisions while working under
    stressful situations.
  • Must be flexible and adaptable to a changing and dynamic work environment.
  • Must have a strong work ethic and desire to learn.
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equity and diversity, and proven
    ability to work effectively with a diverse population.
  • Must be able and willing to work shifts, weekends, and holidays.
  • Must be able to meet the physical demands of the job, including the ability to lift a minimum of 25 kilos and the ability to stand, sit, walk, stoop, crouch, kneel and twist on a regular basis.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary $38,000 annually
  • Two weeks of paid vacation time per year
  • 40 hours of paid professional development time per year
  • Ontario CVO license paid for

TO APPLY: Please send a cover letter (personal statement), a resume, and 3 letters of recommendation to [email protected]. Please make sure “Veterinary Internship” is included in the subject line. Deadline for the application is January 8th, 2024.

Selection of the successful applicant is based on a combination of academic criteria, relevant interest and experience, referees’ evaluations, and an assessment of the candidate’s career goals and motivation. Internet-facilitated or telephone interviews will be conducted. A final decision will be made by February 12th, 2024.

We would like to thank you for your interest in this position.

Volunteer Veterinary Technician Internship (Spring/Summer 2024)


Location: Toronto Wildlife Centre – Downsview Park (4-60 Carl Hall Road, Toronto) with plans to move within a year to the Rouge Park

Reports to: Toronto Wildlife Centre Head Veterinary Technician. Interns will work under the supervision of professional wildlife veterinarians, technicians, and rehabilitators.

Start Date:  Spring/Summer 2024 (start dates flexible)

Commitment:  Minimum of 16 weeks, 40 hours (4 x 10-hour shifts) per week on weekdays

Position Summary:

Veterinary Technician Interns at the Toronto Wildlife Centre will be working directly with the veterinary department to help provide medical care for a variety of native Ontario species. This includes songbirds, raptors, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.  Interns will participate in daily rounds with the veterinarians and assist with procedures such as radiography, anesthesia, splinting, and surgeries. Interns will also learn how to handle, medicate and treat numerous species. This unique opportunity can be fast-paced and demanding, as we treat more than 6,000 patients per year, and requires significant responsibility and initiative. It may also be one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences you will ever have. As a veterinary technician intern, you will be given the opportunity to see what wildlife rehabilitation is really like; providing you with training and hands-on experience that may lead you down an exciting new career path and find you a few new friends and lifelong memories along the way.

Just some of the skills learned include the following:

  • Species identification
  • Natural history and behaviour
  • Animal handling and husbandry
  • Recognizing signs of illness
  • Record keeping using online database
  • Release criteria
  • Gavage feeding
  • Fluid therapy
  • Wound management
  • Medicine administration
  • Radiographic positioning
  • Anesthesia in wildlife
  • Parasitology
  • Sample collection and in-house laboratory testing


Veterinary technician interns will:

  • Ensure a positive, professional, and safe working environment at all times, with a focus on both human and animal safety
  • Learn about basic species identification, natural history, and behaviour of a wide range of wild patients
  • Learn about all aspects of wildlife care
  • Assist with treatments like administering medications or fluids, and basic wound management
  • Update patient records
  • Assist with hospital maintenance

Position Requirements:

  • Have completed, or be completing their final year of the Veterinary Technician program at an accredited college
  • Current tetanus vaccine
  • Rabies immunization – a copy of your titre from within the past year will be required
  • Experience in wildlife rehabilitation is beneficial but not required (training provided)


  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively within a team
  • Motivated self-starter, with ability to prioritize
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing and dynamic work environment
  • Must be comfortable working long hours with a demanding workload
  • Strong work ethic and desire to learn
  • Excellent communication skills; must be proficient in English
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with strong attention to detail
  • Knowledge of Southern Ontario wildlife identification and natural history is a definite asset
  • Previous experience working with volunteers an asset

TO APPLY: Please send cover letter, resume, availability, and 1 letter of recommendation to [email protected]. Please make sure “Veterinary Technician Internship” is included in the subject line. Application deadline is March 15, 2024.

Only those who qualify for an interview will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in this position.

Toronto Wildlife Centre respects the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and seek to model these principles in all that we do. We are committed to fostering an inclusive workforce where all employees feel respected, supported and valued. We strive to create an environment that represents the rich diversity of our volunteers, guests, and our community and encourage applications from all qualified individuals who can contribute to enhancing our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. Applications are especially encouraged from racialized persons/persons of colour, Indigenous/Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and women.