Request a call back from TWC’s Wildlife Hotline team

To help our staff assess your situation more quickly, PLEASE UPLOAD PHOTOS at the bottom of this form but do not handle, cause undue stress to the animal, or engage in dangerous activity in order to obtain a photo.

It is our goal to respond to emergency situations within 1 hour but wait times may be longer if we are experiencing high call volume. If you are submitting this form, PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR HOTLINE as it duplicates our messages and increases wait times.

We are open 7 days a week including holidays from 9am to 6pm and generally respond to inquiries about baby and adult wildlife from the Greater Toronto Area. However, due to high call volume and resource limitations during our busy season, the following limits are in place:

  • We are currently FULL for baby raccoons and can only respond to requests from King Township about them
  • For baby rabbits, baby squirrels, baby pigeons and baby doves – we are only able to respond to requests from the City of Toronto and King Township.
  • For baby songbirds (such as robins, blue jays and cardinals) – we are only able to respond to requests from King Township.

If you are requesting help for one of these babies and live outside the City of Toronto or King Township, please check our website for answers to common questions and how to find another facility to help you.

  • We are only able to respond to requests for assistance with conflict/nuisance situations (such as a denning or nesting healthy animal), requests about sightings of healthy wild animals (with the exception of snakes and turtles), general wildlife inquiries, and questions about bird eggs or abandoned birds’ nests from King Township. If you reside outside of King Township, please visit our website to learn more about solving common wildlife issues.

Requests for assistance received after 6pm will be returned the following morning. Please read through important assessment and temporary care instructions on our website while you are waiting for us to call you.

Please be advised that we DO NOT HAVE A PICK-UP SERVICE; you will likely be asked to contain the animal and transport it to our centre unless it is a species that requires a wildlife expert to be contained (e.g. coyote), or if the animal is in a complex or dangerous situation not suitable for a member of the public to handle.

Thank you!

Request for Assistance

  • Drop files here or
      If you can safely take a photo of the animal, please attach it here. Clear photos that show the problem as well as the surrounding area are helpful.