This past fall, many TWC volunteers along with carpentry professionals from Greening Homes came together to construct a large flight care for recovering sick and injured birds of prey.

TWC was fortunate to receive funding from the Norman and Marian Robertson Charitable Foundation to carry out this important project; a unique enclosure which will provide ample room for patients to exercise and recover prior to being released back to the wild.

As our team broke ground there was definitely excitement in the air!

Currently, TWC has one bird of prey flight cage, but with so many of these birds being admitted to the hospital for care it’s not enough to keep up with the need for housing these special wild patients.

Since November 1st, TWC has admitted 40 birds of prey, 17 of which are still currently in care, including 11 red-tailed hawks, 2 peregrine falcons and 2 cooper’s hawks.

As each piece was assembled it started becoming tangible and real. Seeing this project come together makes us think about all of the wild lives that will once day be saved because of it – we can almost hear the whoosh of the birds flying through it, and we can imagine the happy sight of releasing them back to the wild.

Despite our forward momentum and great progress, winter fell upon us and work on the flight cage has been temporarily halted until weather conditions improve, likely in early spring when the roof and walls will be completed.

We are looking forward to the day when the very first bird of prey spreads their wings and takes flight in this unique enclosure, an important step in their journey back to the wild – but we need your help!

Volunteers have played a critical role throughout this project and more will be needed in the spring to help complete it. If you have carpentry skills or would like to lend a hand in other ways, please contact project manager Susan at [email protected] with “ENCLOSURE HELP” in the subject line.

TWC would like to once again thank Norman and Marion Robertson Charitable Foundation for their funding support – you are making a difference for sick and injured birds of prey!