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I Found an Animal Who Needs Help But TWC is Closed – What Do I Do?

Toronto Wildlife Centre LogoTWC is open every day from 9am – 6pm (including weekends and most holidays). If we are closed when you find the animal, please leave a message on our hotline by calling (416) 631-0662 or fill out our online form. A staff member will return your call the following morning.

When possible, please contain the animal and keep it in a dark, quiet place away from people and pets. Please see our website for species-specific containment instructions. Do not offer it any food or water. If it is a baby, it must be given a heat source such as a hot water bottle, rice-filled sock microwaved for 1 minute, or an electric heating pad set to low under half of the box. Heat sources must be replenished as they cool (at least every 2 hours). Direct heat is critical for babies, even in the summertime or when in a warm room.

Sometimes an animal is too severely injured (e.g. organs or bones exposed, severed limbs, wings twisted around backwards) and in too much pain to wait until the next day. If you deem this to be the case, your local animal services (for Toronto area, call 311) may be able to coordinate pick up / drop off of the animal  and provide humane euthanasia. Please note that services and hours vary by municipality. If you live in a municipality where this service is not available, or if they are closed, we recommend contacting your local 24-hour veterinarian – although they are not able to treat wildlife without a license, they are permitted to provide humane euthanasia in circumstances where no other option exists.