These kids know the meaning of when life gives you lemons

By July 19, 2016July 21st, 2016News

Two Toronto boys, Ben and Elias put their heads together this week to raise funds for Toronto Wildlife Centre.

lemonade kids

They started with $1 lemonades and free cookies, and once the lemonade ran out performed magic tricks for donations.

“Ben is a bighearted kid who loves animals,” his father told us.

They looked for a wildlife charity to donate to and our website stood out.

“I absolutely adore animals and will never stop doing what I can to help the animals who are sick and/or injured out there.  If anyone wants to do what I did on Sunday I say go for it and do not back down when people say “no”.   It is always good to help animals,” Ben said.

We would like to say a big “thank you” from all of us here at Toronto Wildlife Centre. Ben and Elias, keep up the good work!