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Education drop-in day

Ever had a burning question about wildlife? Like, can opossums really hang by their tails? Or, why did the snapping turtle cross the road?

Drop by Toronto Wildlife Centre on November 28th between 11 am and 2 pm and find out!

Meet our animal ambassadors, a species-at-risk snapping turtle and a Virginia opossum. Chat with our staff and volunteers about what it’s like to work at Canada’s largest rehabilitation centre. Have a peek into our wildlife nursery through a one-way viewing window, hear a story or two about some of the animals we’ve helped, and enter a draw to win a copy of our brand-new book, Animal Hospital: Rescuing Urban Wildlife.

*please note that due to the nature of the hospital and the stress of the animals, we can’t provide tours of the facility – but there’s still lots to see and do in the education area!


Thanks to the generous support of Ontario Power Generation, Toronto Wildlife Centre is working to educate people about biodiversity and wildlife issues.

Ontario Power Generation