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Toronto Police shoot and injure weak, sick father coyote, also endangering 3 coyote pups

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Toronto – July 25th, 2016: In recent weeks, there have been sightings of a sick coyote in Scarborough. The illness is mange; a debilitating skin disease which is harmless to…

These kids know the meaning of when life gives you lemons

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Two Toronto boys, Ben and Elias put their heads together this week to raise funds for Toronto Wildlife Centre. They started with $1 lemonades and free cookies, and once the lemonade…

A Bird’s Eye View – TWC’s Rescue Team Reaches New Heights to Save Baby Merlins

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“My neighbor found what appears to be a falcon chick. He has gone to the cottage and left the chick with me. I know he made some calls and I…

Wildlife emergencies don’t stop just because the mail does…

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The mail is slowing down, but dozens of wild animals are still being delivered to us every day in need of emergency care! Over 800 wild animals - from falcons...