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TWO awful cruelty situations in one day!

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The TWC team is reeling from the day yesterday. At this time of the year, animals flood in all day long needing help – but yesterday two of those admissions…

Fixing Feathers: Returning Injured Birds to the Sky!

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If you could have any superpower, what would it be? While invisibility and mind-reading are top contenders, many people choose flight as their coveted power – is that any surprise?…

Have an extra WILD Valentine’s Day!

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Sending lots of love to our human, feathery, scaly and furry friends alike! By Rebecca Dean, Fundraising Assistant Today is Valentine’s Day – and we know what that means for...

In Loving Memory…

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A year ago yesterday, TWC lost a very dear friend and staff member Julia Coey. “She had a passion and dedication for helping wildlife which showed through in all of…