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Making a Move to Help Injured Wild Animals

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TORONTO: May 12, 2017 – In Canada’s largest urban region, wild animals and people are forced to coexist. Many times, it’s the animals that are the casualties, as their lives…

A wild adoption…

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One can only imagine what its like to be a wild baby who has lost their family. Cold, hungry and dehydrated, they would search for anything familiar. This search had…

These doves won’t be mourning!

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Toronto Wildlife Centre is starting to fill up with babies including three baby mourning doves, 33 baby grey squirrels, 18 baby cottontails, 14 baby raccoons, many baby pigeons and 1…

These babies had a mom…

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This week at Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC), baby season has officially kicked into full swing. In care, there are now eight baby rabbits, five baby grey squirrels, three baby mourning…