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Urgent need for rabies vaccinated volunteers

| News, Volunteering | No Comments
Toronto Wildlife Centre is in urgent need of rabies vaccinated volunteers but its not for the reason you would expect. Rabies is not a serious concern in the GTA because the...

Happy next chapter in the lives of the Scarborough coyote pups

| News, Wildlife Rehabilitation | No Comments
Free of mange and doing great, the Scarborough coyotes are in their final stages of rehabilitation and will soon be released If you have been following the news and our...

Acton community steps up to save fox pups

| Uncategorized | No Comments
Acton's caring community has been diligently following a family of foxes suffering from mange. This weekend, they managed to catch one of the kits, and called Toronto Wildlife Centre for...

Glue traps harm wildlife

| Education & Outreach | No Comments

Recently, a couple came into Toronto Wildlife Centre with a mouse caught on a glue trap. They bought the glue trap, but didn’t realize what they got themselves into until…