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After flying 3000 kms from Nunavut her journey was interrupted…

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Species at risk, like this peregrine falcon, are regularly admitted at Toronto Wildlife Centre - the only hospital for wildlife in the Greater Toronto Area You may have heard of...

You made twice the difference!

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You made a difference in the lives of wild animals like these two red foxes who were admitted with serious cases of mange.  After emergency medical care to stabilize them,…

How many baby squirrel feedings do we do each year?

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TWC’s trained staff and volunteers provide more than 43,000 individual hand feedings annually – and that’s just for squirrels! When squirrels are born, they are blind and naked. Mother squirrels…

Guess who’s spending the holidays at TWC?

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Every day more animals arrive at Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) in need of help; animals like the injured beaver found yesterday by police or the beautiful woodpecker who was attacked…