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Fall Migration – Don’t Miss This “Window” of Opportunity to Keep Birds Safe in Your Yard

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By: Victoria Badham, Education and Outreach Thud – the gut-wrenching sound of a bird flying hard into a window. Thud. It’s estimated that 25 million birds die from window strikes…

I Found an Animal Who Needs Help But TWC is Closed – What Do I Do?

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TWC is open every day from 9am – 6pm (including weekends and most holidays). If we are closed when you find the animal, please leave a message on our hotline…

Why Can’t I Raise an Orphaned Wild Baby?

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Baby raccoon It can be tempting to try to raise an orphaned wild baby, like a squirrel or raccoon, especially when you are having difficulty finding a space for it...

I Can’t Find a Rehabilitator for the Wild Baby I’ve Found – What Do I Do?

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Baby cottontail rabbits Thank you for taking the time to rescue a wild animal. It is a selfless act and a critically important step in giving sick, injured and orphaned...