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Making the Most of #BackyardBiodiversity Before the Summer Season “Flies By”

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By: Victoria Badham, Education & Outreach Manager, Toronto Wildlife Centre Our flighted friends will soon be leaving our backyards to head to their wintering grounds. Beneficial pollinators will prepare for hibernation....

Bats Overwintering at Toronto Wildlife Centre

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This big brown bat was found in December by Sean, a Mississauga resident. Bats can’t survive the harsh winter outdoors and must hibernate. Somehow, this bat accidentally awoke from his…

Father Coyote’s Life Hangs By Thread After Rescue From Kill Snare

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The coyote took a few nimble steps and stopped, standing in the snow wheezing painfully as the kill snare hung from his neck. The wire cut deep into his throat,…

Winter is for the birds! And other wildlife too…

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By: Victoria Badham, Education & Outreach Manager, Toronto Wildlife Centre Winter is right around the corner; as the snow begins to fall and the days grow darker, the flora and…