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Wildlife Stories / Recent Stories

Robin in bowl

Baby robins re-nested in Pickering

| Wildlife Rescue | No Comments

A woman from Pickering called us after a robins’ nest was blown out of a tree and she found the babies lying helpless in the grass.

Grebe family

Fish hook removed from red-necked grebe

| Wildlife Rescue | No Comments

Toronto Wildlife Centre comes to the rescue when a mother grebe is spotted with a fish hook stuck in her neck.


Adopt a baby!

| Fundraising, Wildlife Rehabilitation | No Comments

Wild animals in the city have it pretty tough. They face danger everywhere they turn—on our roads, from our pets, from our litter. Sometimes they try to make a safe home in a nice warm attic or underneath a deck, only to be trapped and released far away from home.

Short-tailed weasel

Short-tailed weasel

| Wildlife Rehabilitation | No Comments

Four tiny short-tailed weasels were found orphaned in a parking lot under a van. Sadly only two made it through the night, but they’re thriving in foster care. They have a few months ahead of them yet before they’ll be ready to start their lives in the wild!