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Wildlife Stories / Recent Stories

Opossum in enclosure

Virginia opossum flies back home

| Wildlife Rehabilitation, Wildlife Rescue | No Comments

This wayward traveler accidentally boarded a truck to Calgary, Alberta! But thanks to the efforts of AIWC and TWC, he will make it back home.

Coyote release

Orphaned coyotes released after months in care

| Wildlife Rehabilitation, Wildlife Rescue | No Comments

After five months in care, the orphaned coyotes admitted to Toronto Wildlife Centre in April have been released back into the wild.

Andrew carrying swan

Wildlife in Richmond Hill need your help this Tuesday

| News | No Comments

Wildlife and people in Richmond Hill need your help to make sure they receive the very best wildlife response the GTA has to offer.

Yellow-bellied cuckoo

Zygodactyls? That’s cuckoo!

| Wildlife Rehabilitation | No Comments

This yellow-billed cuckoo flew into a window, and has some head trauma issues and a sore shoulder. He’s getting pain medication and supplemental tube-feeding while we monitor his condition for…