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Short-tailed weasel

Short-tailed weasel

| Wildlife Rehabilitation | No Comments

Four tiny short-tailed weasels were found orphaned in a parking lot under a van. Sadly only two made it through the night, but they’re thriving in foster care. They have a few months ahead of them yet before they’ll be ready to start their lives in the wild!

Orphaned Baby Coyote

Orphaned baby coyote gets a new family

| Wildlife Rehabilitation | No Comments

This little lady came in as a single orphan on Tuesday. Luckily she’s around the same age as the 2 other orphaned male coyotes that we have in care. They’re now being raised together and she’ll have 2 siblings to look after her as she grows up.

Hand-feeding an orphaned baby coyote

| Wildlife Rehabilitation | No Comments

Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager Lisa Fosco hand-feeds a ravenous little coyote. He and his brother were admitted to Toronto Wildlife Centre after they were found scattered in the grass by…

Baby owl calls to mom

The great-horned owl re-nesting of 2015

| Wildlife Rescue | No Comments

Toronto Wildlife Centre’s rescue team re-nested this baby great-horned owl after Saturday’s windy weather blew him out his tree, nest and all. We made him a new home, and with the help of local arborists Paul and Dan, affixed it high in the tree.