If the animal you have found is a pet or domestic animal (cat, dog, budgie, chicken, etc.) please click here for help finding your local animal control or humane society.

If you’ve found a wild animal you can’t identify, or if you’re not sure if the animal you’ve found is wild or not:

If you are in the GTA (Toronto, Peel, Halton, York and Durham regions)

Leave a message on our Wildlife Hotline at (416) 631-0662. We are open from 9am-6pm, seven days a week (yes, even on holidays!). Some municipalities hold contracts with other wildlife service providers. If you`re a resident of these areas, please use the contact number listed below to request assistance before reaching out to us. If your wildlife situation is not resolved, call our hotline and we will do our best to help you.

If you are in Markham or Richmond Hill, please contact the OSPCA at (905) 898-7122.

If you are in Aurora, Newmarket or Georgina, please contact 1-877-979-PAWS.

If you are outside of the GTA

There may be another wildlife rehabilitator closer to you. Check the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s complete listings. 

If you cannot find or connect with a rehabilitator closer to you, call our Wildlife Hotline at 416-631-0662 and leave us a message. We are open from 9am-6pm, seven days a week (yes, even on holidays!).