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New trailcam captures candid images of coyote pups

Coyotes on trailcam

Thanks to a generous donation from our friends at Canadian Tire, we have a brand new trailcam in our coyote pre-release enclosure up north (in a secret location!).

Coyotes on trailcam

The trailcam captures two coyotes marching single file

Currently our pre-release enclosure contains six young coyotes. Admitted as orphaned babies back in April of this year, they’ve grown fast and are nearing the age where they can go back home to the wild. But it’s a crucial time in their rehabilitation — no longer requiring hand-feeding, they are being kept in a huge and isolated enclosure in the wilderness where they’ll have the opportunity to scavenge, hunt and den.

Coyote on trailcam

The coyotes have grown up with a wild and wary disposition

“The trailcam will help us observe the coyotes without their behaviour being altered by our presence” says rescue team leader Andrew Wight. “We can ensure they are maturing and acting as wild canids. The camera will be an aid in deciding when they are ready for release.”

Coyote on trailcam night

The trailcam also has a night mode to observe nocturnal behaviour

The donation to our rescue and rehabilitation program also included utility gloves, a garden cart, a socket set, 2 blenders, laundry detergent, batteries, a t-square, a table saw, and a garage-in-a-box for our rescue van.