A baker’s dozen of red-tailed hawks!

This holiday season, there are over 200 wild animals being cared for by Toronto Wildlife Centre’s hard working staff and volunteers. Among them are thirteen young red-tailed hawks; the most recent admitted just yesterday…

Joe, a kind member of the public found the hawk injured and lying on her back in the middle of busy Weston Rd in Toronto. He carefully rescued the bird and placed her by a nearby shrub. He could tell there was something wrong, as the hawk was having trouble balancing.

That’s when Joe called TWC for guidance, then rushed her into the centre for emergency care since she has probably been hit by a car.

Photo: Ann Brokelman

Seven of the thirteen red-tailed hawks in care need to be hand-fed, like Joe’s hawk, but we hope each day that the birds will have the strength to begin eating on their own.

In the wild, red-tailed hawks will hunt from an elevated perch, or while flying. They eat small mammals like rodents and rabbits, birds like pheasants and quail and even snakes!

Joe’s hawk and all others in care at TWC now are young hawks; inexperienced hunters who have recently left their parents and are alone for the first time. Especially in areas densely populated by people, there are extra obstacles to their survival – like windows, cars and hydro lines.

Will you make a donation today and provide red-tailed hawks and many other animals with the food that they need for their recovery?

Thank you,



Executive Director