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Adopt a baby!

By June 4, 2015September 28th, 2015Wildlife Rehabilitation

The Adopt an Orphan program is now closed for 2015. Thanks to everybody who made a donation to help our babies grow up healthy and strong! The program will be back for the 2016 baby season.

Wild animals in the city have it pretty tough. They face danger everywhere they turn—on our roads, from our pets, from our litter. Sometimes they try to make a safe home in a nice warm attic or underneath a deck, only to be trapped and released far away from home.

Now that it’s springtime, these dangers can have an even scarier effect: when adult animals die or are relocated, they’re often leaving helpless babies behind. Most baby wild animals don’t have the skills or street smarts yet to make it on their own. Luckily many are found by concerned humans, and over a thousand are brought to Toronto Wildlife Centre every year for care.

This year, you can be there for them! For $35 you can make a symbolic adoption of some of the most common orphaned species we have in care. They each need nutritious food, specialized care from our veterinary and rehabilitation teams, and a safe and warm place to grow up. Once they’re grown and have all the skills they need to survive, they are returned to the wild to start a life of their own.

You can make your adoption now at

For every adoption, you’ll get:

  • A personalized adoption certificate
  • A colourful animal fact sheet
  • One entry into a contest to release an orphaned animal into the wild, once they’re grown and ready!