Acton community steps up to save fox pups

Acton’s caring community has been diligently following a family of foxes suffering from mange. This weekend, they managed to catch one of the kits, and called Toronto Wildlife Centre for assistance.

staceys-acton-mange-foxes3Stacey and Harry from our rescue team drove to the scene where they were stopped by a member of the community who suggested that they look in a particular back yard for a second kit who had been recently sited. They found her curled up under a table and were able to catch her and bring her back to the centre.

Now that the two kits are in our care, they will receive several treatments for mange, and once their fur grows back and they are healthy and strong they will be returned to the wild. Depending on the severity of their mange, they could be in care anywhere from 4-6 weeks receiving medical attention, nutritious food and specialized care.

If you would like to donate to support their care, please visit

The whereabouts of the rest of the fox family are unknown and we’ve caught wind of another family of foxes with mange in the Acton area. If you see any foxes in need, please call our Wildlife Hotline at 416-631-0662.