The lucky long-tailed duck!

Catherine found this long-tailed duck on February 18th when she witnessed him crash land onto the pavement. Although it is uncommon, this time of year long-tailed ducks sometimes confuse wet or icy roads for open water. This might explain what happened to this long-tailed duck.

Upon arrival at TWC, the duck was rapidly gasping for breath, potentially due to the stress of being captured and transported into care. Assessment by our medical staff confirmed that the duck was dehydrated and noticeably warm. Fortunately, no significant injuries were found during the exam and his blood work and x-rays came back clear. Treatment then ensued accordingly. The duck was tube fed and offered water, which he began drinking immediately. He was cared for and monitored for several days to ensure he was healthy until the happy day when he was released back into the wild.

It may come as a surprise but migrating to Southern Ontario is what the long-tailed duck, an arctic sea duck, considers flying South for the winter! This is generally the only time of year they are admitted to Toronto Wildlife Centre.