Baby skunks are curious and playful

Once they reach a certain age, it can be totally normal for baby skunks to spend time playing and exploring while their mother is sleeping in a nearby den. It’s true that skunks are nocturnal, but just like human babies, baby skunks don’t always keep to an adult schedule. Sometimes, though, the babies are orphaned, and they might need help.

Are any of the baby skunks injured?

A baby skunk with any of the following signs is injured and needs medical attention:

  • There are obvious wounds or blood on its body
  • It has had contact with a cat – even with no obvious injuries, this is a medical emergency for baby skunks
  • It is lying on its side and cannot right itself
  • There are bugs crawling around on it

Put the injured baby skunk(s) in a cardboard box in a dark, quiet place. Put a heat source like a rice sock or warm water bottle in the box with them. Contact a wildlife rehabilitator right away.

The baby skunks seem healthy, but I’m still worried they’re orphaned

Every situation with baby skunks is different. Some general signs that baby skunks don’t have a mother include:

  • They’re out of the den most of the time, or for hours on end
  • They don’t run away when approached by people or pets
  • They’re sleeping outside of the den, especially in open areas.

If the baby skunks in your yard are doing any of these things, or if you’re still concerned, you should contact a wildlife rehabilitator for advice.

MYTH! If you touch a baby skunk, its mother will NOT abandon it. Skunks are excellent moms. All they want is their baby back.