Are you sure it needs help?

Unlike other baby animals, baby turtles hatch out of their shell knowing everything they need to know to survive. They can walk, swim, hide from predators, and find their own food. If you’ve found a baby turtle, it may not need your help!

Is the baby turtle injured?

If you think the baby turtle might be hurt, go to our page on helping sick and injured reptiles.

Help the turtle on its way

When baby turtles hatch from their eggs, they have to make the long walk to the closest source of fresh water –  a river, pond, lake, or creek. That walk can be very dangerous for them, as they may have to cross roads, and are vulnerable to predators.

If the baby turtle seems healthy and active, and you know that there is a source of water very nearby (within 1km), you can help it by picking it up and moving it there. Don’t put it directly in the water – place it on the bank a foot or two away, and watch to see that everything goes smoothly.

If there is no water nearby, or there is some other cause for concern, contact a wildlife rehabilitator for advice.