If raccoons are digging up your lawn, it’s usually because you have a problem with grubs living in the soil. In a way, they’re doing you a favour—if the raccoons didn’t dig them up, the grubs would kill the patch of grass they’re buried under and it would turn brown.

How to stop raccoons from digging up the lawn


You can’t solve the problem without solving the underlying cause. Visit your local garden centre and ask for their advice on grub treatment. Predatory nematodes are one popular, pesticide-free way to get rid of grubs. Once the grubs are gone, the raccoons will stop digging. Remember that you would have had to reseed those spots anyway if the raccoons hadn’t taken care of the grubs for you!

Raccoons will often pull up freshly laid sod because it is easy to do and hides a lot of tasty bugs underneath. Use tent stakes or garden spikes to hold the edges of the sod down until they can take root.