How to Bird-Proof Your Windows

Windows reflect the environment around us which creates the illusion of open sky to birds and bats in flight – this causes them to often collide with the glass, even more so during their migration seasons when so many are flying through towns and cities.

You can help prevent this from happening to our feathered neighbours during their fall and spring migration by following a few simple steps!

Hang strings of beads or other material decorations on the outside of windows. Make sure each string covers the length of the window and they are no more than 4 inches apart.

Stick decals on windows! Decals break up reflections and make the window visible to birds – ONLY if they cover the entire window, no more than 2 inches apart horizontally or 4 inches apart vertically.

Rub a wet bar of soap all across the window so birds can see the residue. It can wash off easily at the end of migration season. Might sound weird, but it works!