What’s normal for baby squirrels?

When baby squirrels become capable climbers and are fully furred, they begin to explore outside their nest. Their mother should be close by during these expeditions, watching carefully to ensure that no harm comes to them.

A baby squirrel is following me

Young baby squirrels that would normally still be in a nest are not as obviously afraid of humans as adult squirrels are. However, when they are ready to venture outside the nest they learn to be wary of people and other predators. It is not normal behaviour for a baby squirrel to follow people around, cling to their pant leg, or sit on their shoe. Baby squirrels that are approaching people have likely been away from their mother for some time, and are seeking food or warmth.

Unless there is reason to believe the baby is not orphaned (for example, if a mother was recently seen nearby), a baby squirrel that is following people should be considered orphaned and in need of help. Learn how to contain an orphaned baby squirrel.