A baby squirrel with any of the following symptoms is NOT healthy and needs your help:

  • Obvious signs of illness or injury like visible wounds, a bloody nose, injured limbs, twitching/shaking, or discharge from its eyes, nose or mouth
  • Known contact with a cat, even if no injuries or puncture wounds are visible
  • Bugs or fleas crawling on the baby, or fly larvae clinging to its fur (these look like little grains of white rice)

Getting help for a sick, injured or orphaned baby squirrel

If the squirrel shows any of these symptoms or you think it may be otherwise sick or injured, you should seek help right away. Injuries must be properly treated by a wildlife rehabilitator, and a baby that has been out of its mother’s care long enough to have bugs crawling on it is likely orphaned.

Learn how to contain an orphaned baby squirrel

If the baby shows NO symptoms of illness or injury, it may be possible to reunite the baby with its mother.

Learn how to reunite a baby squirrel with its mother