Thank you for contacting Toronto Wildlife Centre – a charity dedicated to medical treatment and rehabilitative care of wildlife. Please note that due to resource limitations and extremely high call volume, we unfortunately CANNOT respond to the following types of requests for assistance during the spring and summer months:

  •  Baby rabbits, baby raccoons, baby squirrels, baby pigeons and baby doves found OUTSIDE the City of   Toronto
  •  All baby songbirds (e.g. robins, blue jays, starlings, sparrows, etc.)
  •  Requests for general information
  •  Assistance with nesting or denning animals that are healthy
  •  Human-wildlife conflict situations

If your inquiry does not fall into one of these categories, a wildlife hotline staff member will call you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please follow these links to find important temporary care instructions for the animal(s) you have found.

Thank you!