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Spring has arrived, and with it so many wild babies who have lost their mothers and can’t survive on their own… curious little foxes, fluffy ducklings, frightened rabbits, fragile killdeer, wide-eyed deer fawns and more. They all need your help.

We want as many wild babies as possible to be saved, and we need to act fast. Your gift can immediately save a young life.

***UPDATE: We are so touched to see many kind people who are reaching out in hopes of supporting the care of wild babies, even though the campaign has ended. So we're extending the opportunity to give! You can still donate or sign up to be a monthly donor today.***

Until 11:59pm on Monday, May 27th, donate to make a difference for baby wild animals. There are two meaningful ways you can help:


Become a monthly donor and ensure that help is available for wild babies year-round. New monthly donors, or current donors who increase their monthly giving amount, will be entered into a draw to visit the wildlife nursery.

Give Monthly


Make a donation today and help meet the goal of raising $50,000 to care for infant orphaned babies, most who are so young that they can’t eat on their own yet.

The Impact of Your Donations


Pays for a course of antibiotics for an injured baby or formula for a litter of orphaned rabbits for a week


Pays for specialized meals for a baby owl for one week or one day of critical care in an incubator for a sick baby


Pays for the formula for a deer fawn for one week or the care of 20 Species-at-Risk eggs developing in the turtle egg incubator for one month


Pays for a difficult rescue of a baby in trouble or the care of an injured mother wild animal through to release who, in turn, is caring for her babies in captivity


Wild babies have so many needs, and every penny helps! Any amount you can donate today will make a difference!


Thank You!