URGENT request to help with our new centre!

A message from Nathalie Karvonen, TWC’s Executive Director and Founder

We are urgently asking for you to help us in our efforts to build our new forever home in the Rouge National Urban Park. We need you to reach out to your local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), let them know you support our efforts, and ask them to support our application to the Canada Infrastructure Program. We believe this important funding decision will be made any day now and competition for these funds is fierce.

You can find wildlife in every part of the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, but wildlife cannot speak; only we can speak on their behalf and we need to do that now! Many MPPs have not replied to our emails and calls asking for their support because the centre’s address is not in their local riding – but yours may be, and you could make a big difference for wildlife!

Toronto Wildlife Centre has submitted an application requesting a $2.8 million contribution from the Canada Infrastructure Fund towards the new facility in the Rouge Park. It will be the largest, most advanced wildlife centre in Canada and will allow us to expand and improve all our program areas including critically needed public education about wildlife.

We have been informed that a demonstration of local community support is absolutely essential if we are to be successful with being approved for funding. Would you consider speaking up for wildlife by taking any / all of these three actions?

  1. Emailing your local MPP, letting them know you support our application and asking them to write a letter to the Ontario Minister of Infrastructure supporting our application to the Canada Infrastructure Fund. You can also let your MPP know that helping wild animals in your community is an important issue for you. If you have your own personal story involving wildlife in your city, please feel free to share it with them! Make sure to include your address so your MPP knows you live in their area.
  2. Calling your MPP and talking directly to them or their staff so you can explain why the services of Toronto Wildlife Centre are so important in your local riding, across the GTA and beyond
  3. Sending an email to the Minister of Infrastructure and the Premier of Ontario asking for their help in approving our Canada Infrastructure application.

You can find out who your MPP is (along with their email and phone number) by visiting the website (https://www.ola.org/en/members) and typing in your postal code where it says “Find my MPP”.

The contact information for the other emails and calls we are asking you to send/make are:

The Honourable Laurie Scott, MPP Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock
Minister of Infrastructure,
Legislative Building, Queen’s Park,
Phone: 416-327-4412
Email: [email protected]

The Honourable Doug Ford, MPP Etobicoke North
Premier of Ontario,
Legislative Building,
Phone: 416-325-1941
Email: [email protected]

If you do send an email and/or have a conversation with your local MPP, please copy me on your email and/or let me know the results of your conversation by emailing me at [email protected]

I hope you can help us with this specific request as we move forward with building a magnificent new wildlife centre in the Rouge National Urban Park.


Below is the letter we sent to Minister Scott that provides background information on our application.

The Honourable Laurie Scott,
MPP Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock
Minister of Infrastructure,
Legislative Building, Queen’s Park,
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1

Re: request for support of Toronto Wildlife Centre grant application to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program
Case # 2019-11-1-14202557559

Dear Minister Scott:

Please accept this letter as our request for you to support the Toronto Wildlife Centre grant application to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program: Community, Culture and Recreation Stream – Multi-Purpose Intake.

Our application requests a $2.8 million allocation from the Infrastructure Program towards the construction of our new $23 million wildlife education, rescue and rehabilitation centre in the Rouge National Urban Park. The Rouge National Urban Park was first supported by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1988 and formally established as a National Park by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2015.

Our centre will be the largest in Canada, with a mandate to reduce human/wildlife conflict and to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife across the GTA. We currently help over 5,000 wildlife patients per year, treating over 270 species including many provincially and nationally rare species such as Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Blandings Turtles, Piping Plovers and many more. We also handle over 30,000 calls from members of the public every year, employ over 40 people and have over 500 active volunteers.

If approved, the Infrastructure grant would specifically help build the educational portion of our centre and help restore a 100-year-old barn for cultural, tourism, educational and operational purposes.

Our organization has already raised over $5 million from the private sector and we hope you will agree that a $2.8 million contribution from the program – out of the $700 million program budget – would help meet an important need in the GTA. The funding formula means that the provincial government would contribute approximately $1.3 million towards the $23 million project, the federal government would contribute $1.5 million, and Toronto Wildlife Centre would be responsible for raising the remaining $20.7 million.

As the Minister responsible for overseeing the many worthwhile projects funded by the Canada Infrastructure Program, we hope you can support the incredible work that is done by the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

If you have any questions regarding our request, please feel free to contact me at 416-631-0662 x 3201 or [email protected]


Nathalie Karvonen
Executive Director