Over 300 wild patients are being cared for at Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) now; including a young porcupine who was found sleeping alone under an apple tree, a peregrine falcon with a broken wing, and a baby red squirrel rescued from a dog’s jaws!

Every day more animals arrive in a fragile state. Some are in pain, some are emaciated and starving, and all are frightened and confused by what’s happening to them.

Throughout the year, we tell you stories of the sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that are saved by TWC and by many caring, compassionate donors; without whom it would not be possible.

A critical, but often overlooked and taken for granted, part of saving wild lives is feeding the animals who need help! It seems like it might be such a routine and simple thing to do, but at TWC, it is an expensive and complicated part of daily life.

At this time of year, when we think about sharing and kindness and helping others, will you consider making a donation to ensure that wild animals get the nutrition they need to heal and become strong enough to be released back into the wild?
Please donate today to help the many sick, injured and orphaned wild animals at TWC this winter and over the coming year.