About Toronto Wildlife Centre

Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) is a leader in the field of wildlife rescue, veterinary care, rehabilitation and education, providing a vital and unique service in Southern Ontario.

A registered charity supported primarily by donations, TWC has grown into Canada's busiest wildlife centre – since opening in 1993, hundreds of  thousands of people have received help on TWC’s Wildlife Hotline, and over 80,000 wild animals representing over 270 different species have been admitted for care.
TWC’s work is carried out by a small group of highly skilled paid staff, and several hundred dedicated volunteers working in all areas of the centre, from wildlife care to administration.
TWC works in cooperation with numerous agencies including the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre, the Toronto Zoo, the Ontario Veterinary College, many branches of the OSPCA, local animal services agencies, the municipal police and the OPP, as well as other non-profit organizations such as the Owl Foundation, the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, Animal Alliance of Canada and Fatal Light Awareness Program.








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